Functional reactive event handling

26 Jan 2015

Event handling is a fairly complex and sometimes messy aspect of programming. Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) is a paradigm for handling events that promises to get rid of all problems of the classical observer pattern. When I first heard about the concept in a talk by Stephen Blackheath, I was pretty intrigued. It turns out event handling does not have to be as hard as I thought it was.

Follow-up on polymorphism in Rust

04 Mar 2014

This is a short revision of my previous post on polymorphism in Rust. By posting a link to that article on the Rust subreddit I received a lot of insightful feedback from the community. By the way, I find it really nice how welcoming the Rust community is. Thanks, everybody.

Cost of polymorphism in Rust

28 Feb 2014

When it comes to building high-performance numerical applications you often find people sacrificing maintainability and abstraction for the sake of performance. While I typically argue that these optimizations are premature, I wanted to investigate this issue a little bit more in detail.

Hello, World!

27 Feb 2014

So, I decided to start a new blog using Jekyll. My previous blogs have become pretty orphaned, so I'm not going to revive them here. Instead, there will hopefully be some new content here soon. I might end up mixing English and German a little bit, depending on the content presented.